About us

Tête à Tête is the project of Odile and Michelle. These two like-minded individuals had a bombing first encounter at a dinner party in Paris in 2012. Immediately they decided that they should put together their little grey cells and professional skills in fashion to do something different.

Millions of ideas popping out of them for months, but it was until one Sunday, Hector (Hector, The Muse of Tête à Tête who indulges in quality with a sense of style) arrived home in his dirty boho hip sweatshirt and a skateboard, took a shower, opened his closet and said to Michelle “Ah… I wish I had some REALLY nice silk pyjamas and good underwear…” There it was!! Michelle soon called Odile “I know what we are going to do: Men underwear and pjs that bring the gents style and quality at home!”

It is then they decided the need to show gratitude all gentlemen for their existence and hard work. That is why Tête à Tête would only selects the best natural materials as silk, bamboo fibre and premium cotton that is so gentle to skin which optimises comfort with a funky style. The goal is very simple: Make men happy, give them comfort, and make them look good in their private lives as well!

So go on and treat yourself or your partner with some tasty underwear and lounge wear today!